St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

So this week has been so good! I don't even know where to start! I'll
start off with Jaida she has been doing really good lately she still
set for June 27 hopefully I'll still be here to see that. We had three
lessons with jaida so far this week and a few them have been with the
Toronto's are the sweetest family and they're moving to Colorado at
the end of summer. Next Sunday there will be a fireside with Alex
Boye!!!! He is coming to town and we're gonna have Jade there and
hopefully we can get a ride with some other members on Alex is the
man!! So far in this email I've been talking into my iPad it's really
weird but I like it. We've also been working with brother more we had
a really good lesson on Thursday night with him. He also invited us to
work out with him three times a week in the morning so that's going to
be cool he has some weights so hopefully I'll get jacked. Oh so we had
dinner with Harry and his daughter-in-law made some authentic African
food it was super good it's kind of hot but I actually liked it. Harry
is the most legendary man I know his prayers are inspiring. I wish all
of you could meet him he's so great. Another cool thing that's
happening in the near future is on July 8 home all the missionaries
that are close to the cities will be going to Minnesota twins game!!!
I better still be here. Since we got the iPads my personal study time
has changed forever I didn't think that it would do that much but you
can learn things a lot faster. There's also another cool thing that
happened yesterday at church bishop told us that there is a part
member family they have three teenage boys that are not baptized that
want to get baptized now! Hopefully we can start working with them
this week and set a date with them! There are a lot of good things
happening in Andover right now and I am excited to see how it turns
out!! So that's pretty much all that I can think of that happened this
week I talk to you guys later love you and see ya!

Elder Long

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