St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Alright wow this week has been pretty sweet! We have been meeting with the Lattu's forever. Ever since I have been here. All of them are members except for the 13 year old daughter Jaida. But that is about to change June 27th!!! So it was the coolest thing, thursday night we had a lesson with the Lattu's as usual at 8pm. we pull up and right before we pulled up brother and sister Toronto(just got released as stake president last weekend) pulled up as well! we didn't plan itthey just thought they would come over for a visit. it was super great! They recently had to put down their dog and Jaida was pretty sad and upset about it. so we taught about the atonement and the resurrection and the torotnto's committed them to sit by them at church! And the best part is that we invited her to be baptized and she said yes!!! FINALLY! Wow I better still be here on june 27th. transfers are june 24th so that is scary. 

the other awesome thing that happened was our first lesson with Brother More! The More's are all converts as of a year ago, except for the dad. They have 4 girls and they are such a sweet family! But anyways Brother More finally decided to take the lessons with the missionaries and our first lesson was with him last night! it went pretty well! We had brother Toronto with us and we have some really good stuff prepared for the next lesson.

 Oh ya!! I forgot about this experience. So on friday Brother Lattu invited us over to help him find his car keys for this car he was trying to sell. As soon as we started we said a prayer and started with the house. We cleared out the entire house and he was SURE it HAD to be in the house somewhere. well they werent and so we moved on to his truck, and then into the other car. And finally we looked in the garage.. We were probably in the garage fior 37 seconds until we found the keys!! it was crazy! So anyways just a small testimony builder of prayer right there. But I got to run Congrats kansas on Zone's and Hannah for the 7 p[eat!!! That is awesome!! Love you all!

Elder Long 

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