St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 18 May 2015

You got a Truck?!?! SEND ME A PICTURE NOW! As soon as I leave you go buy a new TV and a truck? Hm. I see how it is. But that is pretty cool though! This week has been pretty good I must say. Had a cool experience thursday night. We were out tracting and the very first house we knocked on that night we talked to her for 30 minutes! Her name is Rachel and she is super nice! She has been to temple square before and she is kind of looking at other churches. We taught her basically the whole restoration and we are super excited to teach her again soon! We are really in need of more investigators to teach. Mike and Dotte are being suyper weird right now. They basically never get back to us. So we will just have to go stop by tonight to see whats up! Also in other news I guess we are getting a new Stake President? He is moving to Colorado. He has only been the President 3 years I think.   

If you haven't seen the new mormon message called "lift" go watch it now!!!!! The same with the new series "two brothers two" Those are both super cool. It has been really cool to serve around Elder Anderton. He is a really good district leader and also he is super good at basketball.. Spencer (Elder Shurtleff)  wrote me back today!!! He is doing really good. He has pretty much been fencing for the last 3 months. But it is cool to hear from him. I don't think I have any new pictures this week. sorry bout it. Thats about all i can think of for this week. I will try and have more pic's for next time. Also could you please send me the charge cord for my old electric razor? I lost mine and I'm pretty sure they are the same.Also while your getting new TV's and trucks finish the bathroom while your at it! 

Elder Long

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