St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 25 May 2015

Sorry but I have to be really quick today! All of the libraries are closed because it's Memorial Day and so we are at the Hansen's using there computers. Actually I'm on there iPad so that's more cool. So we don't have as much time as normal. So sorry if I don't write anyone this week! I will start off with something funny. So we are driving down a road a few days ago. Nice day perfect temperature. When we see this huge bird fly right over us! It must have been a stork or a heron or something. It was a monster. But anyways we are just staring at the bird when all of he sudden we get absolutely destroyed by its poop. I'm not kidding it was the biggest bird poop I ever did see and it landed directly on our car. All over the windshield and the top of the car. It was pretty funny. Mike and dotte have become MIA. We haven't been ion contact with them for a long time... But we did pick up a former investigator named ken! He is super cool. He grew up in Chicago and he likes the missionaries. He told us to come back every Tuesday at 8 so that's what we're going to do! Also tomorrow something super cool is happening. We are having a mission conference! All the missionaries in the mission will be there so I will probably see elder foggin! That will be the first time I will see him. It is going to be sweet. It is for iPad training but I am not sure if we are really getting iPads yet.. So I guess you will know next week if I get an iPad or not. But this week is going to be super busy actually. We have a lot of service opportunities and joint teachers for 4 nights. We are pretty excited. Also we are moving in with the roushars on Saturday. That will be interesting. But I really have to go so sorry, bye bye and happy bday Kansas! I sent you a card so hopefully you get it soon! And congrats on track go get me at divisionals! Love ya!

Elder Long

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