St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The E.T.....

So this week has been real interesting. I'll just get to the point here. Monday night we are eating at pizza ranch with Brother Roushar having a jolly good time. and about half way through the meal we get a call from the assistants.... Which is pretty rare. When the assistants call randomly it usually means somethins up. Which something was definitely up because he told Elder Howe that he is being E.T'd!!!!(Emergency Transferred) Again I had another "Aw flip" moment. So I guess it was kinda cool because he got transferred to my old are(Farmington) so i got to tell him all about it!! Plus I got to see Elder Chou and Freestone again so that was a positive thing. But on the other side of all of this I am taking over the area after only being here for 2 weeks!!!! My prayers have definitely been a bit longer and more sincere the last week that's for sure. But my new companion is super cool! his name is Elder MacDonald. He is from Beaver, Utah(the streak is over)  and he is a Bull Rider!! Here is a picture of us: ​You are looking at a future winner of the Calgary Stampede right here!!!! He rides saddle bronc and bulls. So that is cool. He was in St paul before here. so i guess that is where we are at! Elder Howe is in Farmington and Elder MacDonald is here now. Also Something cool about Elder Macdonald is he is a trucker! Mostly hauled cattle and hay for a year before he came out here. Which reminds me we met with Brother Gray again this week and he was telling us stories of his "truckin days" he was going off about how he would be running 3 log books and he had 20 different licenses.... Ya crazy hahah. But also something cool was we went to Como Zoo last monday. It wa alright I am not one for Zoo's. But we did meet some awesome Gorilla's. 

But anyways back to missionary stuff this area is definitely making me stretch. The stake pres is in our ward and he told me about how canadian missionaries are awesome so I have that hanging over my head. This ward seriously is so awesome though! The members love missionary work and Bishop Johnson is super dedicated. I am excited to serve here and give it my all! This morning we had interviews with President Forbes and I am loving him more and more each time I talk with him! He is totally inspired and i always learn new things every time. This week coming up is going to be awesome coming up though! we are going to have a lot more investigator lessons and joint teachers come out with us. We started a youth challenge with the youth yesterday at church and it lasts a month long. it is the young women against the young men. how it works is each time they do a different act of missionary work they get points, like giving iout a book of mormon or bringing a friend to church, and whoever hits their point goal first wins!! they were super pumped about it so I am excited to see their progress. I am seeing changes within my self all the time. people aren't scary monsters anymore, and planning isn't so torturous. I am happy to hear about all the good things happening back home! I can't wait until mothers day when I get to see all of yall!! But until then. Peace

Elder Long

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