St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 30 March 2015

well where do I even start here... So as you know we had to be moved out of our apartment today. which we did and it took like all day that is why I am writing you now. But It went well and I seriously do not miss that apartment at all it was ancient. haha But it other news I am getting transferred!! I will no longer be in Farmington! I am Going to Andover, Minnesota. All I know is that it is north of the cities and my new companion is Elder Howe. I am really nervous but excited to take on a new area! This last week I had an odd feeling that this would be my last week in Farmington but I didn't know it would actually happen and now it is real. I just hope we have a Subaru. They are the sweetest mission cars out here! SO I am also sad because I only got to be with Elder Chou for one transfer :(  He is so cool and he taught me a lot! Plus I learned some Chinese too. But I don't have a ton of time because we have dinner here shortly but last week was really good we did a lot of tracting and set up a lot of stuff for this week... except I am not even going to be here anymore. AH. We had a really good zone training on Wednesday all about the new easter initiative!!! If you haven't seen the new video "Because he lives" go watch it NOW! Being out for a bit now I have really come to love the people in Farmington and just everywhere! I bet it is nearly impossible to imagine me walking down the street and talking to mas many people as i can... Ya I know right? Well I try to anyway haha I have really enjoyed being in Farmington it has been a major learning experience and I hope to take what I have learned here into my new area! Thank you family and friends! Cya


Elder Long

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