St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year 2015

So first off. What a great week! Some serious miracles have gone down that's for sure!! Okay I will tell you what happened.. So on tuesday we are driving to an appointment with Melina at her parents house when we get a phone call from the bishop. He told us that there was a man named Tony that had recently moved to Farmington from Oklahoma with his family and that they want to get baptized!!! I wasn't entirely sure what to say to that because I was so awe struck but all I can say is that Tony and his wife Sarah are amazing! We met up with them on saturday with our ward mission leader and had a very good visit. We discovered that they have been meeting with the missionaries since september and, here's the crazy part, one of the missionaries that was meeting with them in Oklahoma went to high school with Elder Shurtleff!! later that day we got to call him and it was a very cool experience. Tony and his family came to church on sunday and had a very good time! The members in our ward were so awesome at helping them feel welcome it was a wonderful scene. Overall we have been very blessed with people to teach. Elder Shurtleff said when he first got to the area that it was totally dead. Little to no teaching appointments, but now things have changed. We currently have 3 progressing investigators and soon we will have 5! We got back in contact with Zack and Melina. they are a couple that are living together. Melina's family are basically all members and her dad was baptized a year ago. She would totally get baptized tomorrow if she was living all the commandments. Zack on the other hand is not as accepting, he will take a little more work but I know that he will come to find the truth! We haven't been in much contact with josh recently because his girlfriend came to visit him.... ya I know. But we should get things rolling again this week! He still has a date set for the 24th and I'm super excited to keep working with him! Also, transfers are on Wednesday and I just found out that Elder Shurtleff and I are still together!! I'm "killing" him as they say in missionary world. This is his last transfer. I'm so happy that I'm still here in Farmington and that we can keep working with all the people here!! I wouldn't be surprised if we got a few more date sets as the weeks continue forth...  

On new years eve we had a huge Nerf war in the gym at the church!!! It was SO FUN. Elder Shurtleff got a cut on his forehead from it that's how intense it was. We played for 3 hours straight. We got REALLY into it. Then after that we went to applebees with the Kirchmans. also did you get a text from sis kirchaman with a picture of us at applebees? It is starting to get cold here finally. right now its about 10F but its supposed to be below zero for the next little bit. Its crazy that it has been 3 months already I can't even believe it! Hannah I can't wait to hear how your P blessing goes! it will be an experience you will never forget! 

Read or watch Israel, Israel, God is calling by Elder Holland.


Elder Long

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