St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 8 December 2014

Divine Gift

That Christmas Devotional was Amazing! D. Todd Christofferson Was my favorite he almost had me in tears! It really makes me think of what I should really be thinking about during the Christmas season. It was also a very humbling experience because for my whole life Christmas has been my favorite holiday.. But. Why? What about Christmas did I enjoy so much? The Presents? No School? It really made me think of what the world has done to Christmas. To become trapped in the worldly materialism snare during the Christmas season is not hard, in fact it is so natural that it takes as much as going on a mission to realize it! I know that the first gift of Christmas was given to men from a loving Heavenly father. A father who loved us so much that he even gave us his only begotten son! When you think about how important and sacred that gift is, and compare it to what the world thinks of Christmas. You will come to find that there is so much more than presents. And that we should ALWAYS be thinking of this divine gift. Not just during the month of December. I'm sorry I was so selfish during the holidays mom and dad! I'll be a good boy now i promise! I miss you guys a lot and think and pray for you everyday. Always remember the love Heavenly Father has for YOU. 

Josh came to church with us yesterday! He could only stay for sacrament because his dad was in the Hospital?!  I think he is ok? Maybe we should check in on that haha. Happy b-day Kaufusi!! Wow that is weird that you brought up the fourth missionary because i just started studying that talk a few days ago... But it is super good! its going to take me a while to get all the way through it. We have to take in our car on Wednesday because it has a big dent in the back. So not entirely sure how that is going to work out. hopefully we will get it back soon after. Good job kansas! Kickin some you know what way to go! Also you should really send my companion something, anything, because i am getting all this stuff and he hasn't gotten anything in forever! So if you could that would be nice! It hasn't got too cold here the coldest was -2C I think? My mind still doesn't comprehend Fahrenheit yet. Because it is really annoying. Lets see what else happened.... We are focusing a lot on the He is the Gift initiative. It is so much easier to knock on doors when all your talking about is Christmas! But I have taken too much time and i have to go! Love you guys!

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