St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 24 November 2014

prayer and faith

Hey Fam!
So transfer calls were today and I guess I am staying here in Farmington for a while. Sorry i didnt bring my camera so no pics. Also Elder Shurtleff managed to get a hold of my super warm T-max heat socks from Marks... and he REALLY wants some haha. so if you could maybe possibly send him a couple pairs it would make his day!
   I am learning that prayer and faith are one of the most important tools to have as a missionary. Elder Shurtleff and I decided that we were going to pray more throughout the day and i decided that i was going to have more faith while finding. so yesterday at like our last stop for tracting for the day we met a nice lady named Darcy! she was super nice and said that she would read the book and the pamphlet we gave her and we set up a time to come back! i cant wait to see what she thinks of all of it.
  So we started P-90X last week... and it destroys me. i am so out of shape its ridiculous. like i have never threw up during a work out in my life and i have thrown up twice already! like what in the world?! Elder foggin is still in T-bay. My companion is trying to eat as healthy as possible and get in the best shape he can cuz he goes home in feburary so its funny haha.
   Efrain didnt come to church yesterday  cuz he had to pick up his daughter for some things. but he is still doing good. hopefully he can come to church next week tho. I'll be praying for you mom and dad for both of your surgery things! i hope that it all goes well. so on american thanksgiving(thursday) were going to be running a 5K and then playing football with some members! im so excited i can't wait. I'm probably going to be so full of food that day in order to make up for it i'll need to not eat anything for the next 3 days.And josh is doing really good too! we just met with him an hour ago actually. He asks some really awesome questions and he understands the book of mormon really well. And he is giving us fitness tips too so he is even more awesome!
    I love you guys and i love you mom and dad for everything you have done for me! Izaak stop being so stubborn! And kansas.... win. hannah you too i guess. but kansas. win. haha 

Love Elder Long

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