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St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 3 November 2014

Challenge Everyone

     Way to go comets! Quarter finals not bad.
      So I have learned a lot about joseph smith and jesus christ that i never knew before... some of it freaks me out but most of it is really cool haha. It hasn't snowed here yet but i think its supposed to on wednesday? And yes i got that picture of izaak. very cool. And thats awesome that julie is about to get her call!! I'm so excited for her.
      So another thing is that there are simple small things that americans do that are different than what im used to.. and its SO annoying haha like when they say the word interesting they say it like in-tres-ting. No. not right hah. and other things like that.
      We had Azure, a less active, drop us this week  We are still tryin to figure that mess out. The only missionary i have seen that were in my zone in the MTC is Elder Georgeson. He is actually in my district right now. So thats cool. But in our mission we are trying to focus less on tracting and more on other more efficient ways to find.. which im ok with! but we are having a hard time working with the members. But there are some that are super awesome! like our ward mission leader! Really smart and awesome. But that is just one challenge we are working through. I bore my testimony on sunday. ANd missionary hint! Tracting the day after halloween is not the most successful thing you could do. (cuz everyone is to hungover to even deal with life hahaha) so we learned that! But we did tract into a sweet young-ish family that we are hoping will turn into a sweet mormon family! cuz they have a lot of potential to be one.
      I am learning new things everyday. And I am still struggling with talking but i am trying to be more outgoing everyday. Since our mission conference i have been trying to be a more consecrated missionary. Its super hard but im trying! Good to hear that everyone is ok! And that our football team is doin good. I challenge everyone that is reading this to kneel and try and spend 10 MINUTES completely thinking about the savior. ITs really hard but just try it ok? cya

Elder Long  

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