St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Sunday, 5 October 2014

First Letter

     Hello Family! I hope you are surviving without me! cuz i definitely am hah. So it has been quite a ride so far. Very stressful and hard work. but it is good! im learning lots. My first companion is Elder Teske. He is from Twin Falls Idaho. And i guess we got made zone leaders?! weird. but ya he is awesome. he is kinda like a blonde weston from idaho? haha. I have definitely learned a lot while i've been here and its only been 2 days. Sorry i dont think i can send pics right now. i have 4 companionship in my district they are all awesome and willing to serve. The are SO many people here! like wow. Some are weird some are cool. Pretty much every kind of person is here. if there is one thing i could have done more of before i left it is definitely study MORE. a lot more. sometimes i feel like i know nothing but really i know it and im just panicing is all. Sorry im not much of a writer but im trying ok! And Also special note for izaak thanks for coming all the way to Utah it was awesome to spend my last time with you! And for mom hopefully you can handle me not there. i know it is REALLY hard but im sure u can handle it :). So all in all it has been stressful, really hard, awesome, and just a good experience. and i hope everybody can have the opportunity to go on a mission because it is something you will never forget. And i have only been out here 2 days. So i'll see what i can do about the pics. cya later everyone Love ya!

Elder Long

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